Treatment Steps

A high level of care every step of the way

From Mr. Williams perspective, your well-being is of paramount importance. His aim is to keep you informed as well as care for you with dignity throughout your treatment to achieve excellent results. To complement this philosophy, the team at BMI Werndale take pride in providing the highest quality facilities for procedures and for recovery.

Step One Consultation Clinic

An initial consultation is held at Werndale Hospital outpatient department. At this session, Mr. Williams will listen to what you have to say and examine the symptomatic and adjacent joints. Commonly, an X-ray or MRI scan is required and these can be performed at Werndale or imported from elsewhere. Based on the history of your symptoms, the examination findings, investigations and your wishes, a treatment plan will be formulated.


Step One <span>Consultation Clinic</span>

Step Two Operation

Mr. Williams and the team will take you through the operation with care, diligence, and professionalism.In addition to Mr. Williams’s expertise in the field of hip and knee surgery, Werndale Hospital has state of the art operating theatres, first-class anesthetists, and an outstanding standard of nursing and support staff.


Step Two <span> Operation</span>

Step Three Post Operative Period

The immediate post-operative period is all about your first steps to recovery. Typically you will be performing physiotherapy exercises the same day or at the latest first thing the next morning after surgery. During your time as an inpatient, Mr. Williams and the team will keep a very close eye on your progress.


Step Three <span> Post Operative Period</span>

Step Four Physio

The experienced physiotherapy team will visit you regularly throughout your stay in the hospital to advise and assist you with a series of exercises. These will help with breathing and circulation as well as building strength back into your leg muscles. Your range of movement will increase and you will soon be able to sit up, stand and walk with crutches. To optimise your rehabilitation, Mr Williams and the team will encourage you to start walking either on the same day of the surgery or the next day.

Step Four <span> Physio</span>

Step Five Follow Up Clinic

Typically a follow-up consultation helps assess the immediate outcome of the operation and its impact on your life. If you have any concerns we can address them at this time. We will also telephone you a few days after discharge to ensure all is well and if an additional physiotherapy is required, this will be arranged.

Step Five <span> Follow Up Clinic</span>