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Surgical Honey Research To Counter Infection

Co-authors Mr Rhodri Williams and Mr Rhydian Morgan-Jones – both consultant orthopaedic surgeons in South Wales with a specialist interest in revision surgery – talk to Bulletin Magazine about using surgical honey as a way to counter infection in an age of increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

At at a time when bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a matter of increasing concern, the potential value of topical agents such as honey should not be overlooked in the war against peri-prosthetic joint infections.

‘We are excited about using an agent that has been used for millennia in treating infections elsewhere in the human body to help fight peri-prosthetic joint infection. As part of a well-defined debridement protocol, our preliminary clinical results using honey have been very encouraging. We are trying to keep an open mind and learn from the experiences in other clinical disciplines of how to treat infections and apply these lessons to treating infected joint replacements. Honey is at the forefront.’

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